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The first abstract painting

Wassily Kandinsky’s first abstract watercolor, Untitled painted in 1913 is one of the first artworks to emerge from the representational tradition of Western. The Russian Kandinsky saw an “unfamiliar” painting in his studio, which was very wonderful and magnificent. Walking forward, I realized that one of my paintings was upside down on the wall, and …

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Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping

In an apartment in a city,a newlywed couple seems to be arguing.It turned out that they were quarreling because of the hanging painting at the entrance.His wife thought that an large abstract painting should be hung at the gateway,while the husband thought that the gateway should have an impression of oil painting. Later,the issue rose …

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What kinds of Western oil paintings are there?

What kinds of Western Large Abstract Wall Art oil paintings are there? Modern Canvas Art can be roughly divided into two categories: abstract painting and concrete painting. The so-called abstract oil painting is to take out the shape of natural objects in the performance of the picture and replace it with the expression of an …

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Indirect Painting in Oil Painting

In addition to direct painting, Large Abstract Canvas Art also has indirect painting. Indirect painting generally uses the transparency of oil painting media, also known as transparent painting. Now let’s look at the indirect painting of oil painting. Indirect painting: The traditional technique of Western classical Modern Wall Art, which uses the transparency of oil …

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Handmade Extra Large Abstract Wall Art Online

Handmade Large Abstract Wall Art Online . Shop for Great Big Canvas from greatestbigcanvas.com,All Big Size abstract artwork ships within 3days. The most troublesome activity is venture outside your customary range of familiarity and have a go at something else. So we should begin with this detail? In any event think about utilizing conceptual workmanship in your …

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Jack kerouac: beat painting-extra large abstract art

Extra large abstract art- The acclaimed author said in his “manifesto for painting” that when you feel the need to “improve” — it’s done,When we think of Jack Kerouac, Extra Large Canvas Art we tend to think of his writing — the urgent, spontaneous, random prose, a string of proustian stream-of-consciousness sentences, his memoir of the …

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Abstract art decorative artwork — a new fashion of recent home colors

Subjective art conforms to modern people’s aesthetic point of view and desire of creation. Modern household decor space, modern life concept and costume grade elements are the premise for the introduction of abstract art. A lot more and  more people do not satisfy the aim actuality space, seek some sort of essential subjective emotion expression …

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Room of the Day: A New Laundry and Mudroom Makes Mornings Much better

Then he turned a closet throughout the hall from this room into a new bathroom. BEFORE: The homeowners already have a pantry, so this hall closet was not needed for storage RIGHT AFTER: The newest bathroom features a huge trough-style sink where multiple kids can brush their teeth during the early morning rush. Above hang …

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How Should The Extra Large Abstract Art Be Hung?

Basically, all families use Extra Large Abstract Art. Simple but the decorative effect is not bad, and they can choose the content of the painting according to their personal preferences and aesthetic needs. Ornamental paintings are usually hung on the wall, so how do decorative paintings hang. 1.Hanging skill Oil painting has certain limitations compared …