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how to hang large art on staircase wall

1. Gather a collection of similarly sized art
Choose pieces that have a common thread, such as a color palette or content. Phoebe suggested, “Your canvas painting wall art should say something personal, so hang something that reflects your interests.”

2. Keep frames consistent in finish and feel.
Phoebe said, “but they don’t have to match exactly.” Because stairwells are heavily trafficked areas, be sure to choose frames with slim profiles.

3. Layout all wall art canvas on the floor.
It’s easier to measure and edit here. She says, “Hanging the parts in columns makes the display feel organized, but don’t worry about them being perfectly aligned.”

4. Use suitable hanging materials.
Instead of using one hook in the middle, use two small nails with good hooks on each picture so that they don’t move. Rubber buffers will help keep the large canvas wall art securely in place.

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