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How does international gallery respond to the new coronavirus

as the arena development arts competition has reached a new peak, the development of the art competition has attracted lots of interest. it’s far no exaggeration to say that subculture is the soul of a state’s revitalization, and diverse varieties of artistic works emerge on the historical second. recently, because of the outbreak of the brand new coronavirus, many art gala’s have announced the cancellation or postpone of their exhibitions.

in this international war, the art global, which has been forced to press the pause button, has confronted multiple challenges from running fees, exhibition delays, and a loss of opportunities to talk and gather with collectors. however, at the equal time, some gallerists trust that during this special duration, it is the right time for them to reflect on and enhance their business strategies, in addition, to emphasize the local artwork ecology.

whilst human beings are physically remoted from every other and the show feature of galleries can no longer depend upon bodily space, the community will become every other carrier. the net platform could be a completely vital platform for displaying photographs and memories.

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