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The process of creating portraits-canvas paintings for sales

1 the sketch:
The preparation of the sketch is the key to creation. Large Canvas Art The clarity and maturity of the sketch is the concentrated reflection of the author’s thoughts and feelings, comprehensive expression power and composition ability. The sketch must determine the basic expression and the concreteness of the image of the painting.

  1. Painting canvas:
    I usually make the sketch bigger and bigger to obtain the accuracy and affirmation I want. Large Canvas Art CheapAfter the sketch is enlarged on the manuscript, I will make some necessary modifications and further detailed enrichment. I hope that I have shown a clear expression in the manuscript stage.

3 color:
I pay more attention to the immediacy of my expression. When I say that I pay more attention to the first feeling, I will choose the part that I think plays a key role. In this way, the first color often determines the whole color expression of the work.
The face of the figure is undoubtedly the most important. I asked myself to paint some parts of it when I felt the best.
The strength of the color and the thickness of the color layer sometimes appear unexpected effects, which is just the natural reflection of the painting image. Therefore, it is very important to have good control and confirmation in my work methods.
Generally speaking, my drawing method at this stage is not very regular, only a few relevant parts are drawn at the same time, some parts need to be drawn repeatedly.

4 overall adjustment:
This stage is critical.
Need more patience, this stage is not easy as the last stage is pleasure, that is the feeling of stage, the more excited, but this stage, on the one hand, make up some weak part of the picture, the other side is trying to make every part of the picture full of expression and appeal, sometimes also can appear very exciting at this stage the board surface, this is what I want.

Generally speaking, my expression is to adapt to my strong intuition. Large Canvas Art Sale I believe that different expressions are created by different artistic temperaments, and I will be happy if they are helpful to my friends.

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