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Some tips to improve the decoration of my living room?

Sketching is something we are all familiar with. Since child years, we have been attached to the drawing.
And in modern decorating, people also start to regard the part that decorates a home as an image.
Modern Abstract Art On Canvas is popular in any of individuals favorite.
Modern Abstract Painting can decorate a home already, look beautiful also.
So next, by small makeup, for everyone to introduce the selection standard of fashionable add on the picture.
The room of Europe type style suits to match painting work, Abstract Canvas Art pastoral decorates a method to be able to match the oil painting of flower theme.
The room that slants the Chinese style had better choose Chinese painting, watercolor, and gouache to wait around, the design is given concern to traditional freehand brushwork landscape painting, flower parrot fish insect.
You can also choose paintings made with special materials, such as flower-and-mud paintings, paper-cuts, woodcuts, and knots.
Slant modern decorate suit to fit a few impression, fuzzy kind oil painting, the decoration style of avant-garde vogue such as postmodern suits to match the adornment picture that has modern abstract subject matter
particularly, also can choose the adornment picture with dye-in-the-wood individual character.
Fashionable add on the picture – the collocation of space
The first drop of sight is the best position.
The particular first point that gets into the home line of sight is the place that should put add on picture most, so you won’t feel the walls in the home is very empty, produce a fresh feeling.
The corner decoration changes direction of eyesight.
On the two sides walls of the corner, on one side wall puts two picture, Large Abstract Canvas Art on a single style on the other side wall puts a picture, form the combination of L on the wall, can boost
the interest of the fabric board.
A stair adornment picture can be irregular.
The metope area that is opposite is very big, so can ask professional personage to draw a design on metope.
When the area is not large, you can place irregular decorative paintings along the contour of stairs.
Color choice has taboo.
The indoor whole that general contemporary home installs a style gives priority to white when matching adornment picture more give concern to with yellow-red attune.
If the inside decoration color is very stable, you can choose the advanced gray, Abstract Wall Art Cheap creative decorative painting.
The form of decorative artwork should echo the shape of the space.
If the space metope that places adornment picture is a rectangular shape, so can choose the single adornment picture of the same form or more popular mixture adornment picture;
If some places require a semicircular decorative picture, leave space.

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