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In an apartment in a city,a newlywed couple seems to be arguing.It turned out that they were quarreling because of the hanging painting at the entrance.His wife
thought that an large abstract painting should be hung at the gateway,while the husband thought that the gateway should have an impression of oil painting.
Later,the issue rose to a vote with both parents sitting around the table and their wives winning by a large number of votes.
After so many days,the wife’s ordered abstract canvas arrived and hung it at the entrance.As soon as the husband came in after work, he saw it. It turned out to
be an extremely simple abstract oil painting.Later his wife said that the abstract oil painting was pure hand-drawn.If he looked closely,he would find that the
abstract oil painting had a sharp texture and a full color.The husband thought, the wife’s vision is good,this hand-painted painting decoration,which is not only
make the price better cultural atmosphere,but also a more interesting.
As a result of this disagreement with his wife, the husband also began to pay attention to abstract paintings.Once,the husband was attracted to an Black And White Abstract
painting.After all,he didn’t know much about the abstract painting,so he asked his wife for advice. When the wife saw it,she praised her husband’s vision.

Contemporary Artwork, Vertical Paintings Black And White Abstract Art
Contemporary Artwork, Vertical Paintings Black And White Abstract Art

The wife thinks that the abstract oil painting the husband likes gives the impression of being free from formality.From detail to composition,from the right lines
to the moving forward, to freedom.Then they decided to hang the abstract oil painting at the head of the bed. The inspiration of the painting was that the future
was like a cloud, moving with the wind,changing a lot,but a variable future was the meaning of life.

Then a few months later,it was the wife’s birthday,and the husband and his friends wanted to surprise the wife,so they made an appointment to set up the
house.As the couple had just moved to their new home,no one had ever seen the decoration and layout of the new house.I just took advantage of this opportunity to
also visit.As soon as we entered the door, we were attracted by the abstract painting of the gateway.A few said in succession that they would also buy the same
hanging house.The husband was embarrassed to say he was still at odds with his wife over the painting.
After that,we also started to work to help layout,division of work and cooperation.Busy for a long time,at this time,the wife also happened to be out back,she
entered the room at the same time, saw everyone ready everything,immediately tears,extremely moved, and saw that standing there, just smiling quietly looking at
their husband, Said “Thank you”.
After that,we were very happy to eat dinner,after the meal we also started Mini Game.This birthday party because of the abstract canvas left everybody a happy

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